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Event Start Time


  1. Signed Rental and Service Agreement and 50% deposit is required to hold rental items and event Service Date. Deposit will be applied to final bill and  balance will be due 14 days before Service Date.  The rental items and Service Date are not reserved until signed Rental and Service Agreement and Deposit is submitted to and received by Backstory Backdrops LLC. ​​

  2. Remainder payment is to be paid in full 14 days prior to Service Date

  3. Custom Designed items are payed in full 30 days prior to Service Date.

  4. If you add to any order, additional Deposit and or payment amount may be needed.

  5. There is a $250 rental and service minimum order (not including delivery, and taxes).

Order Changes

  1. Final changes to item counts need to be placed at least 14 days prior to Service Date

  2. Items and Services added to your order within 14 days of the Service Date may be subject to Rush Order or Delivery Fees.

  3. Final changes to Custom Designed items at anytime after Final Approval may be subject to Change Order and or Delivery Fees.


  1. Deposits are non-refundable. Deposits can be applied towards a different date if you need to cancel or reschedule as long as you give us 72hrs notice . 

  2. Cancellations made within 72hrs of the Service Date will be charged the full rental with no option to reschedule.

  3. Additional charges may apply if the order has been loaded and/or in route.

  4. Cancellation of Custom Designed items anytime after Final Approval is not refundable. Payments can be applied towards a different date if you need to reschedule.


Weather Policy

Severe weather conditions can pose hazards for the safe operation of the bounce house. Our policies below outline the treatment of our bounce house when encountering such unfavorable weather conditions as well as normal weather policies.

  1. Backstory Backdrops LLC reserves the right to cancel the reservation or end rental term at any time in the event of severe weather condition(s). ​

  2. Renter will be given the option to cancel reservation prior to delivery/setup on days where severe weather is forecasted at delivery location. All deposits will remain as credit that can be used within a 6 month period.  

  3. In instances where severe weather condition(s) arises after delivery/setup, Backstory Backdrops LLC has the right to end the reservation/rental term and no refund will be given.

    • Wind - Even though we secure our bounce house properly, we will not be able to set up in winds 20 mph or more for the safety of you and your guests. In the event of increased wind during your rental; have all jumpers exit the Bounce House and deflate it until the wind dissipates before inflating and re-entering.

    • Rain-If the inflatable gets wet have all jumpers exit the Bounce House, and deflate until the rain stops and the unit is dried. Please unplug and move blower out of rain. THE BOUNCE HOUSE MUST NOT BE USED WHEN WET. Once wet, bounce house can become very slippery and dangerous. Once the rain stops you can dry the unit with towels. Once dry the bounce house should be safe to use.


    • In case of loss of power or air remove riders immediately.

    • Do not allow jumpers to play or climb on outside walls.

    • Do not mix age groups.

    • Remove shoes before entering inflatable.

    • In case of winds greater than 20mph. or lightning, remove riders and unplug unit.

    • No flips or wrestling.

    • Keep children away from stakes, blower, and power cords.

    • Do not pull, hang on or climb on pillars.

    • NO FOOD, DRINKS, BUBBLES, GLITTER, FACE PAINT, OILS, OR WATER INSIDE BOUNCE HOUSE. Cleaning fee will be accessed if this rule is ignored.

    • No Silly string in or near the bounce house- these will damage the unit and customer will be liable for bounce house replacement.  

    • No Shoes. Socks are a must to protect feet.

    • No Pets in units- their claws will damage the unit and renter will be liable for damages or replacement.

    • No excessive weight. Max 700lbs. 8 kids or 3-4 adults Max.

    • Never let jumpers, parents or guest intimidate you. The Jumper's safety is your foremost concern. NEVER LEAVE BOUNCE HOUSE UNATTENDED

    • Moving an attraction after final set-up will be assessed an additional $50 and customer will be added to a "do not rent list". Please make sure our team understands any concerns you may have with the positioning of the attraction before they get started.

  5. SETUP

    • Ground-Bounce house must be secured on level ground: grass, asphalt, concrete, or indoors. Renter will ensure the set-up location is free of all sticks, rocks, animal waste, or any other objects that could damage the bounce house. We do not setup on gravel, rocks or sand. 

    • Power Supply - A dedicated plug, must be within 75’ of setup location for bounce house blower. 

  6. Renter agrees to release, forever discharge and hold harmless Backstory Backdrops LLC, its officers, employees and/or agents from any injury, damages or claims resulting out of or in connection to severe weather conditions and/or Renters negligence to follow rules noted in Bounce House Policy.

Additional Terms and Conditions (Applies to all Rentals and Services)

  1. Renter must have rental items ready for pick up on the date and by time specified on invoice.

  2. ​The renter is responsible for loss or damage of items and will pay for the cost of                   replacement or repair.  This cost will be assessed within 5 days of return and presented  in a separate invoice payable within 15 days.  The  replacement value of items will be determined by age and condition at time of rental.

  3. Backstory Backdrops reserves the right to cancel the reservation or end rental term at anytime. Client will receive full refund immediately upon company cancellation.

  4. ​The renter will inform Backstory Backdrops of any adornments   (decorations,  flowers, sign  etc.) of any kind they wish to add on their own to any rental. This information may be added in the notes section of the quote request form or submitted in writing no less than 72 hrs. before the date of the event. Failure to do so will result in a $50 charge. 

  5. ​There is no warranty that rented items are free of defects.

  6. ​The renter agrees to and shall indemnify and hold harmless and defend Backstory                  Backdrops LLC, its employees and third-party contractors hired by Backstory Backdrops LLC from and against any and all claims, losses, damages, causes of action, suits and liability of every kind, including all expenses of litigation, court costs and attorney's fees, for injury to or death of any person, or damage to any kind of property, or for any breach of contract arising out of or in connection with this rental agreement and the purposes for which this  rental agreement was entered into, including but not limited to property damage, injuries and death due to the act, omission, mistake, fault, default, or negligence of (1) Backstory Backdrops LLC its employees and third-party contractors hired by Backstory Backdrops LLC (2) the Client, its agents and employees; and (3) any invitees, licenses or guests of  the Client. 

By clicking 'I Agree' and submitting this agreement, I acknowledge that: I have read and understood the foregoing Electronic Signature Agreement and that I intend to be bound thereby.

Thanks for submitting!

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